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Hans Thoma {{PD}}

19 December 2017 8:49 PM Pacific time, though that precise measure isn’t really necessary–Saturn moves slowly enough that its changes can sneak up on us–but when it changes signs, we do feel it, as the world seems to change ‘flavor’ around us. Saturn is the planet of reality, of the material world and all the accomplishments and barriers, both literal and figurative, within it. That’s why we are likely aware of the sign change right away; even if we aren’t conscious of astrology, we may be conscious of a shift, something like when you turn a kaleidoscope just a quarter turn. Things are rearranged, the light behind them may seem different, but they’re (usually) not unrecognizable (that’s more likely when transiting Saturn contacts transiting Uranus or Pluto, giving the kaleidoscope a full turn or two, or even shaking it upside down, and that shake-up may happen personally when transiting Uranus or Pluto contacts natal Saturn).

What we see as Saturn enters Capricorn is a perfect blend of effort and time, with the new sign shaping these into real-world results. We see what we have created over a long period, one that required Self-discipline and a persistent application of energy–or, we see circumstances resulting from a lack of application and discipline. We reap results of sustained and serious endeavors, or the long-term neglect of what we should’ve attended to; we see how our use of time affects us. If we thought things would take care of themselves, this may be the point when we find out they have not.

Juno admires hubby Saturn’s new leggings. By Veronese {{PD}}

We can’t really talk about Saturn entering Capricorn without discussing Pluto’s journey through the sign. Pluto plowed through and continues to disrupt, destroying, wreaking havoc to what was secure, solid, established, bringing the possibilities of freedom from old constraints, transformation of institutions and barriers, and also ushering in a long-term falling away of obstructions to our perception of Truth and Reality. That doesn’t mean everyone sees the real world for what it is; it’s still an individual choice where we must be willing to see things as they areotherwise we can observe certain contingents who seem to be so completely oblivious to reality and ‘the facts’ that it defies logic. This is the Pluto effect: a stripping away of barriers that either shows you the real deal (if you accept that your world is changing) or that prompts a complete turning away from real world circumstances (if you don’t), substituting a Plutonian-centered non reality that promises nothing is changing, and that in fact you will be restored to some previous (unrealistic) level of all-powerful beingness. And now Saturn enters the sign, carrying a bucket of high-grade cement, ready to apply agents of constraint and form to all that Pluto has disrupted.

What we will see is this: that Saturn entering its own sign may result in Saturn cutting off, ending, or constraining transformations created by Pluto in Capricorn, whether those transformations are complete or not. Saturn may require those changes slow down, or it may insist on them taking solid form, or creating a new system within which to work, or it could deny their potential all together–but in any case it begins to solidify what had previously been fluid–or I should say, molten, as Pluto melted down without regard for status or standing. We add time to change, and we get a New Reality–and at the entry of Saturn into Capricorn, we get a glimpse of where things are headed, a peek at what’s beginning to emerge from the shadows.

As Saturn enters Capricorn we look at what aspects it makes immediately; this offers some idea of the initial impact of the sign change. Saturn will semi-square the South Node and Jupiter, which means Saturn is caught at the midpoint of the two; our first view of Saturn’s effects may involve the past and the public sector, or our beliefs and how they mesh with ‘the facts’, or we could see how work or effort made previously may offer opportunity in the present. Saturn will also sesquiquadrate the North Node (of course–in aspect to one Node is to be in aspect to both) and the Sun catches up to conjoin Saturn quickly, suggesting we see the situation when it is still new, raw, fresh–and we see the difficulties of where it will lead. And, the transiting Moon is also in Capricorn when Saturn enters, passing over Pluto. This suggests that what we see may give us a scare, may make us want to ‘reform’ from what we see or intuit, or may show us how we really feel about changes that have happened–and so what we are likely to want to establish, as Saturn makes his way through the sign.

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