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Mars tourism poster commissioned by SpaceX CC0

Love, relationships, and rewards pave the way toward the future (Venus trine NN)–but how? Today we find real-world manifestations of positives we’ve created that flow from the past to the present (Venus parallel Saturn and sxt SN); in other words, we are reaping the results of Love given out, in the form of Love received, of money, or of advantage in some way beneficial to us. Look around–results may not fit your immediate idea of ‘reward’, but may be more subtle, or more along the lines of gratitude you may feel for where you are right now, and if you feel a deficit of some kind, consider passing a little of that Love to someone else, to show both yourself and the Universe that you aren’t really without, after all.

Retrograde Mercury has been, and continues to be, inordinately busy, contacting once again energies for the most part just recently aspected. This time its a novile to Juno and a semi-square to Mars. This may make for restless, somewhat aggressive thoughts, but out of the turbulence comes clever approaches to power that are very effective at delivering to you ways that allow personal abilities and efforts to impact areas of concern. Just don’t demand instant clarity when ideas are formulating–instead sit back, and let them emerge from the tussle on their own.

‘Cordobesas’ 1922 By Julio Romero de Torres {{PD}}

Today’s word image is: a small pitcher of fresh cream sits on the morning table. I grew up in a world of powdered creamers, so to me this is a minor luxury, and I appreciate it even though I take my coffee black. This image suggests we’ll enjoy the ‘cream’, the best of something. Be aware of those small, wonderful facets of your world today–you’ll get a lot more delight out of them than usual.

Again, I’d like to warn you off ‘free downloads’ of my books–they seem to be proliferating, and are almost certainly opportunities to acquire malware. There’s also a psychic claiming to have studied with me, among many others, but I don’t recognize the name (though it’s possible we had contact under another name) and I’ve found no record of any interaction between us–so if you’re ever shopping for a psychic, I do not endorse her, just so you know. Correction: apparently we are connected on LinkedIn, a site I pay very little attention to and through which I’m connected to many people I don’t actually know.

Have a great day!