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By Paul René Reinicke – Own work by User:ReneReinicke, 2010-09-24, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=18163667

It’s all upbeat today–unless we fall prey to the single negative, which, if we do, effectively wipes out all that good mojo! First the many, many positives. We act and choose with an awareness of those matters too long neglected or denied, and we are rewarded for that, on a personal level and through our status and reach on the social scene. Thoughts, though couched in the vaguely unsound terms of the retrograde period, are loving, beneficial, optimistic–and that works its own kind of magic, attracting reward, positive attention, and enhancing our standing and authority–all good, right? The facts work in our favor, opportunities offer a fast lane to accomplishment, and belief systems are out in the open and so easy to understand and work with. That down side? It’s within us, within our potential to be victims of our own wounds. If we allow a sense of injury to dominate our thinking and our interactions, we lose. It’s that simple (Mars sxt Black Moon Lilith, Mercury conjoined Venus and both trine Ceres, Sun nov Jupiter and sq Chiron).

Today’s word image is: a man works near an open, live wire. Is there something in your environment that you’ve been ‘working around’, assuming (or hoping) it won’t hurt you? Or is this someone, a ‘live wire’ who could sweep you up in their hi-jinks, or simply in their enthusiasm–and would you want that to happen? Would it be joyful or a distraction? This is a call to inspect the environment, for what it could mean, should you bump up against that ‘energy conduit’, and to remind you that your safety isn’t guaranteed, no matter how familiar the atmosphere.

Beware of those free downloads purporting to offer my work that are really malware, and of that psychic who claims to have studied with me (I do not endorse her), and if you’re looking for a little AstroEssence on Saturn entering Capricorn, it’s here–thanks, and have a great day!