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Fernand Khnopff – ‘The Veil’ 1887 {{PD}}

It’s all about what’s hidden, ignored, denied, or about what has and continues to enrage us; the mind is filled with these thoughts, and all attention goes there (Sun conjoined Black Moon Lilith, Mercury parallel BML). A very special key, one that frees us from this obsessive and mostly fruitless ruminating, is found in the past, in experiences or lessons that we didn’t suspect, until now, to truly be of use (Sun-BML nov SN). Think back for that solution or answer; it’s of an Aquarian nature, found in the modern, technological, advanced, intellectual, in the matters of the House where Aquarius is in the natal chart, or in a simple state of understanding, which may involve taking a cooler approach to things, from a different angle than you assumed before.

By Javcon117* from USA – My Pink Snowman, CC BY-SA 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=54768735

Today’s word image is a snowman. To my surprise, I’ve found that people have very individual associations with and feelings about snowmen. When I think of them, I feel a little tired. As a child the adults always suggested making them, but wouldn’t allow use of anything but rocks to make a face–and the result was a bit grim. It always seemed like a sad labor that resulted in a grit-faced monster, rather than the jolly being I’d envisioned. Now to me a snowman symbolizes someone’s idea of ‘keeping others busy’, that is just disappointing, a waste of time and energy, to those others; I’ll look around for that in my life. So what do snowmen mean to you? That’s what you should ask yourself–and go from there.