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‘The Painter’s Honeymoon’ 1864 Frederic Leighton {{PD}}

The reality picture makes us remarkably clear on our values, on what we care about (Saturn nov Vesta); we may at this time commit to someone or something, possibly supporting an entity or effort we never anticipated caring for–or we may see how our highest values have shaped the reality picture in surprising ways (that is, in ways we didn’t realize our values were actually exerting an effect on). In spite of some issues over the exercise of authority and what we get from it (Venus sesq Ceres), we find a direct line from our intentions and actions to creative responses and output (Mars trine Neptune). Expect some revelation concerning commitments and what we honor, expect to re-shape the values and Self-image accordingly, and use the harmony of personal and creative energies to tackle big creations, and to make significant efforts you want others to see as uniquely your own. Take advantage of the creative moment. Good luck, and happy creating!

‘Thrushes’ Nest’ Fidelia Bridges 1877 {{PD}}

Today’s word image is a single, young bird alone in a nest. The word ‘fledgling’ comes to mind, someone or something new, untried, fresh, inexperienced–but on the cusp of ‘spreading its wings’, getting acquainted with the wide world and showing that world what or who it is. Is this you, ready to put out there a new idea, invention, creation, or effort, to play a role you haven’t yet tried? Something is ready, ripe, formed, and waiting, and it may be a little scary at first, but you should know the timing is right. Or are you seeing this in someone else? If the latter, consider what encouragement, advice, caution, or support you can offer–but take care to speak only from genuine experience, rather than from any assumption you’re making about how it all works.