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Tom Thomson – ‘The West Wind’ c1916 {{PD}}

We have a single, subtle aspect perfecting today, Pallas contra-parallel Ceres; it may be entirely subliminal, exerting an influence below conscious awareness–and that can lend it way more punch than it deserves. What’s wise or practical comes up against any role we play that sees us exerting our personal power, negotiating for what we want, or calling the shots with those over whom we hold sway. Somehow, taking charge contradicts the smart move, and exercising our Will turns out to be impractical. Does that mean holding back, taking cover, abdicating responsibility, is our best choice? Not necessarily; both bodies are in Fire, and that may suggest that this discord is a prompt to find a new, smarter way to make our Will felt, to offer our guidance, or to take a ‘Big Picture’ stance in negotiations. Old forms of Power expression don’t work as they used to, and what’s wise has changed over time; this aspect brings that reality to our attention, and asks us to adapt, if we want to remain potent and relevant.

‘Fleeing skeleton’ By Władysław Podkowiński 1891 {{PD}}

Today’s word image is: the last book you purchased. Have you read it yet? What did it come to mean to you? Or is it all in the title, a personal message from the Universe like a note in a bottle that washes up at your feet? In my case, I’m going with the title of a book I picked up just today: ‘The Bone Clocks’ by David Mitchell. Sounds like attending to my aging skeleton might be advisable! What about you?