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Carl Moll – ‘The Blue Lantern’ 1903 {{PD}}

Vesta is semi-squared by Venus and parallels Juno, setting up a slightly tense dynamic of lady-energies (the power of the feminine, the anima, the receptive, the nurturing, the gestating), empowerment issues, and priorities, commitments, and values that searches for internal harmony; that is, though actions arises out of potential discord, it quickly evolves into expression that is correct for our roles and our current ‘power place’ in things. Thoughts are clear and on point, especially in power terms (Mercury trine Ceres) and we send and receive messages relating to authority with amazing precision (in spite of the way most of these are unspoken). All this measuring of empowerment and consideration of communications may require the identity to re-shape itself, as we see that instincts and our ‘blind spot’ may both offer input that demands a new, more accurate Self-image be adopted (Sun sesq Sedna).

‘Alfred Crowquill’ (Alfred Henry Forrester (1804-72)) – Illustrated London News [[PD}}

Today’s word image is a child much too old to literally believe in the existence of Santa Claus, who does. I’m not talking about ‘the magic of the season’, nor am I referring to a truly young person; this is about someone who has a rough time socially because his family has gone to great lengths to convince him that there is a mysterious stranger who brings him presents once a year–when others at his junior high school have long been in on the reality of things. Is it bad to believe in mysterious forces that work in your favor? Of course not–that’s pretty much the essence of my definition of the Universe–but it may be detrimental to insist on ‘alternate facts’ so deliberately that it causes a rift for the individual with the rest of the world. In this case, the individual has no say–he has simply been told by people he trusts that this is so. It brings to mind that saying about treating someone like a mushroom–they’re fed sh*t and kept in the dark! Look around–is it time you stopped believing something, now that the belief is actually becoming a problem? Does that belief separate you from reality in a negative way? Does it make it difficult to get along with others? Or do you know someone like this, who insists on keeping themselves in the dark? You can spot one of these beliefs by the way the individual insists that circumstances and all talk support the belief, with no contradictions (that is, no reality) allowed.