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Fritz Erler ‘Diana the Huntress in an Autumn Landscape’ c1920 {{PD}}

We assert ourselves on the social scene, or make big, sudden moves; we’re focused on opportunity or education, on teaching or reaching the facts, and on grabbing possibilities or accessing info before they’re gone. That can mean that we almost immediately find what in our real-world scenario will be resistant to, shaken by, or altered with our choices. See that instant feedback as a good thing, a chance to modify ambitions and ways of perceiving material circumstances– it wouldn’t otherwise do to get what we want and then find it impossible to manage, or to fit into our ‘real life’ (Mars parallel Jupiter and semi-sq Saturn, Sun parallel Saturn and qnx SN, Merc semi-sq Zeus)

I saw something like this

Today’s word image is a dress, gown, or outfit from another century. Did you see something from the 20th, or farther back in time? Does the clothing belong to a period you personally relate strongly to? Is what you saw elegant, militaristic, or does it signify certain activities or professions? What do you think your choice (or more accurately, what popped into your head) says about you?