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Ivan Constantinovich Aivazovsky – ‘Ice-Breakers on the Frozen Neva in St. Petersburg’ 1876 {{PD}}

Are those obstacles real, part of the external world, imposed by regulations, rules, the laws of physics and physical reality, and signs, written or not, announcing, ‘Go No Farther’, or are the barriers we face generated by our own Will, insistence, ego, and aggression, factors that may meet resistance from others and so actually be caused by us? If we are in a position of authority, we feel challenged, and if we are seeking to express our own autonomy and authority, we meet externals that hold us back, or down. If we persist, will we be successful in our efforts? If we’ve thought things through, and believe wholeheartedly in our own idea, while at the same time being willing to do whatever it takes, and are also prepared to burn it all down if necessary–then Yes. If you find yourself lacking a ‘Take No Prisoners’ attitude, then you should wait for another day, one that won’t depend so heavily on a kind of single-minded ruthlessness in reaching goals (Saturn sesq and Mars sq Ceres, Mercury parallel Pluto)

Today’s word image is a massive waterfall, frozen solid. Of course, we’re seeing this in real life with Niagara Falls. As a symbol, this may suggest powerful emotion that has ceased to ‘flow’. Two questions you need to consider: Is there something you feel strongly about that you have frozen in place, to avoid feeling those feelings? And if you don’t begin to deal with them now, what do you think will happen when there’s a thaw?