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Alphonse Mucha ‘Fate’ 1919 {{PD}}

Today we see and feel a rare confluence of energies perfectly suited to offer life and even Soul-changing opportunities. Relationships, finances, or our own ego or Will may be the catalyst (Sun-Venus-Pluto conj, all sxt Mars), or events/ evolution within or without may prompt change. Thoughts support desires, and suss out the most effective way for us to pursue opportunity, which springs either from potentials seeded in the past or from our own previous choices and actions (Mercury nov Jupiter and parallel Venus, Jupiter parallel SN). The way we become aware of all these energies is likely through the conflict between our current ambitions and desires and our resources or relationships; somehow these don’t support our goals, and this sparks the whole merry chase for shaping our lives and ourselves more to our liking (Sun-Venus-Pluto sq Zeus).

Today both Venus and Pluto begin a new cyclic period in relation to the Sun. The initiation of a new cycle always suggests we need to be on the lookout for new forms and patterns related to these bodies. These can come in the internal form of seeing these influences in a new light, or in external developments that show us these are no longer what we once believed them to be. Awareness that our relationship to matters of assets, interactions, Love, values, change, and destructive inclinations may all more or less find new forms; it’s up to us to note the shifts, and accept a ‘new reality’ in regard to the spectrums Venus and Pluto cover.

By D J Shin – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=23019400

Today’s word image is: while sitting in your car, considering taking certain life steps, you see another car approach that presents as identical, seemingly right down to the passengers! Encountering the doppelgänger is something that happens to all of us–the question is whether we recognize ourselves in that other when it occurs. So, something like when the Groundhog looks for his shadow, if you’ve seen your doppelgänger of late, consider it a signal that your Self-awareness is ‘on’ and so accurate, but if you haven’t, consider that the answers you’re seeking are likely being reflected back to you in some way, with a change of focus necessary to perceive them.

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