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Aurora Borealis in Estonia, Photo By Kristian Pikner Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International

The only shift today is Mercury fleeing Sagittarius and entering Capricorn; as quickly as the Messenger flies, we’re used to every few weeks making the adjustment. In this instance, we may find ourselves narrowing our horizons, moving our attention from the Big Picture to the concrete and material. What occupied our thoughts as theories, wishes, or ‘What Ifs’ cries out to be given physical form or seen realized in real life. Make a conscious effort to bring to reality something recently only thought of; even the smallest effort at materialization will help the energy flow in productive directions, unimpeded by any gap between mental and material.

Henri Rousseau – ‘Jungle with Lion’ 1903 {{PD}}

Today’s word image is cutting a path forward through thick undergrowth with a machete. Sometimes it’s necessary to forge ahead, to apply sheer Will power to going forward on ‘the Path’; too often we hesitate, scared silly we’re going to make a ‘wrong choice’. The reality is we can’t make a ‘wrong’ choice, as we’re making it! It comes from who we are; does that mean it’s the perfect choice? Maybe, maybe not, but at the very least, by making the choice we are being both Self-determining and learning whether that option really does or does not work for us. Be bold, but wield your power with care, and some finesse–a machete cavalierly handled can cut what it’s not meant to– so know you have more power than you may believe or be aware of, and proceed from there.