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I’d want to wake from this dream, if only because it’s so crowded! The dreamer is in the left corner, in case you had trouble finding her. ‘The Reconciliation of Titania and Oberon’ 1846, By Joseph Noel Paton {{PD}}

We’re in Dark of the Moon right now, you know; that makes influences like a whisper not quite heard, permeating the unconscious, seeping into dreams, curling around our ankles like fog–nothing truly dramatic, just persistent and stealthy, felt rather than seen, noticed only in the most oblique ways. That’s unusually subtle for an aspect like Jupiter sextile Pluto, which exaggerates or informs or fact-checks circumstances of change, transformation, or destruction: are things really destroyed? Do we know whether the transformation took? Is the danger as big as it seems? We see the dark side of Love or Money, and our imaginations run away with us, likely in a negative direction (Venus parallel Pluto and semi-sq Neptune). But here’s the good thing: the practicality and wisdom of our own minds and reasoning power reasserts itself (Mercury parallel Pallas), pulling us back from the brink, cutting through the fog, waking us from the dream, and showing us what may have been lurking in our ‘blind spot’, making us that much more prepared to go forward successfully (Sun trine Sedna).

Today’s word image is too much pepper. I know someone who cooks with what I consider too much ground black pepper–in fact, it’s pretty much the only spice she ever uses! Don’t get into a rut; variety really is the spice of life–season things in a new way, and watch the new ‘flavors’ as they come to the fore.