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‘The Frosty Morning’ 1894, By Nikolai Nikanorovich Dubovskoy

That’s what today boils down to: surprising circumstances, shocks, revelatory information, intellectual jolts, incursion of the modern, the new, or the group into the individual prerogative, but all of it results in highly positive benefits, generating healing or unique use of our skills (Sun sq Uranus and sxt Chiron). Vesta enters Sagittarius and noviles Zeus, opening our eyes and our horizons to the ways we can honor and innovate in achieving our goals, while Chiron noviles the South Node, drawing on the past for answers and ways of redressing ills. Our actions and choices are deft, clever (Mars novile Saturn) and we gain by following our instincts (Venus trine Sedna). The only negative may be that it’s so easy to believe messages we were given in the past that we may miss who and what we really are today (Mercury nov SN).

Drawing By John Singer Sargent CC0

Today’s word image is a lie told because the truth is unacceptable. Is that okay? No. Face what is; reality, no matter how painful, is always preferable to a fantasy–and it’s important to know, we can’t begin to make effective change until we know exactly where we stand.