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‘Red Houses’ by Agnes Weinrich, c1921 {{PD}}

Health and circumstances of empowerment both balance on the past; we see clearly the thread that connects past behaviors and choices to our current situation (Hygeia and Juno conjoined the South Node). The point of such insight, of course, is to modify our thinking, our intentions, our approach with an eye on the future we’d like to create (Mercury quincunx the North Node). Today we do that best by scrutinizing relationships and finances specifically for those related things we try to ignore, to turn away from, or that make us angry but which we bury for the sake of a surface peace or continued income (Venus parallel Black Moon Lilith). This scrutiny will almost undoubtedly be unpleasant, and probably uncomfortable, but it will have the virtue of bringing us closer to our Truth (and this is so even if we don’t share our insights or confront others over what we feel are wrongs). Get angry, and wash that anger away with love–that’s the potential available today.

Here’s the result of a fight over a stray animal. ‘What An Unbranded Cow Has Cost’ by Frederic Remington 1894 {{PD}}

Today’s word image is an Old West shoot-out, where no one gets shot. That’s a good thing, and yet, you have to wonder, what was all the shooting about? Are you in a similar situation now? This image suggests it may come to nothing–maybe that’s a hint that all parties can just walk away, now, and save their ammo for a more productive fight.