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Henri Martin – ‘The Apparition’ 1894 {{PD}}

It’s now required that what’s been healed inside you, the part of your Soul and identity that expresses your spiritual essence, must be shared in all ways in which you’re empowered. Impulses are healthy, and we are acting in our own ‘best image’; we are a potent creative force, poised to use our skills–now see what spiritual magic comes from within (Chiron novile Juno-Hygeia, Sun novile Neptune)

Kuniyoshi Utagawa, ‘The Magic Toads’ c1849 {{PD}}

Today’s word image is a suit of clothes, laid out on a bed. This brings to mind that saying, ‘He’s an empty suit of clothes’, meaning he’s all bluster, talk, hot air, of no substance–a ‘hollow’ man, in any meaningful sense. It’s an image of ineffectuality. Is there some area in your life where you feel you aren’t having an impact? Or are you currently dealing with someone like this, someone who may present himself as able or important but who can’t even make a ripple in the water? In the most general terms, this is a signal to take charge yourself, either by changing up your approach, trying something original or new, or by ignoring or bypassing ‘the empty suit’.