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As Mercury conjoins Pluto in Capricorn and Pluto parallels Pallas and semi-squares Vesta we find ourselves excavating the framework of our thoughts, the rules we have accepted as necessary or even as reality itself, and the barriers and restraints that keep out what we find destructive, unpleasant, threatening, or just bizarre, as we judge exposure to these as unwise or impractical; they turn attention from those areas to which we’d like to dedicate ourselves and our life energy, and so must be purged. We may spin ourselves a tangled web, if we try to handle such deep and extensive housecleaning in a single day; better to let things fall away naturally, without too much direct effort. Our energy is best expended on being clear about our values and priorities (Sun sextile Vesta) and in pursuing those goals involving what we are sure we value or care about (Mars parallel Venus, Sun parallel Mars), as thoughts centered on pure ambitions unattached to what we value are sure to be too strongly fixed on the conflicts achieving our ends would entail, and so be less than useful, too prone to take a destructive turn (Mercury square Zeus and conjoined Pluto). In truth, we are readying ourselves, creating mental and intention clarity that will drive everything tomorrow, the 25th (Mars novile Zeus, Mercury sextile Jupiter).

By An Errant Knight – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=37632333

The word image for the 24th is a shovel. Does this bring to mind gardening, hard labor, construction, burying the bodies? When we use it as a verb, we often mean it in a derogatory way, accusing someone for instance, of shoveling sh*t (telling lies) or shoveling in the food (gluttony). So, does the image of a shovel invoke some form of productive work, or is it an action word, suggesting our negative image of someone else, or they of us?

The word image for the 25th is two women spending an afternoon making soap. What is it that you’re preparing to ‘clean up’? Or what artisanal skill have you been considering developing? Now’s the time.

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