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‘L’aventure’ By Georges de Feure 1898 {{PD}}

We want to act, or to choose, not just to get it done, but to get it done ruthlessly, to purge what needs to go, to destroy what shouldn’t be there–there’s extremity to our urges, and to our statements of who and what we are–and yet we can’t seem to act today without the interference of those matters we have been assiduously ignoring, denying, or consistently (though probably quietly) enraged over. Be aware of the influence of the unseen, the discounted, and of what we’ve ‘tuned out’, consciously or not; just knowing we are open to these stealthy currents is enough to ward off their biggest effects (Mars at the end of Scorpio is novile Black Moon Lilith in Capricorn)

Special note: Hygeia and Juno are still traveling along together in Aquarius, and will remain so through 5 February. This links empowerment to health, especially to a healthy mental attitude or a well-educated (formally or not) intellect. Understanding is key here; why things are the way they are, whether they are in balance or not, and how power within a situation, or its lack, plays on health are the running themes during this period.

Tang Minghuang dao Shu {{PD}}

Today’s word image is something Chinese, or Chinese-influenced. Take whatever pops into your mind as a symbol of something that needs your understanding or attention, and go from there.