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‘The Union of Earth and Water (Antwerp and the Scheldt)’ By Peter Paul Rubens 1617 {{PD}}

Are you pursuing ambition fulfillment, or pure Power, or are those one and the same for you? Today we see how vital possessing and wielding power is to our own satisfaction, and we see precisely how close or far away we are from realizing full throttle empowerment. Hints for making the most of today’s influences: Be optimistic and look for opportunity–at the same time, remain aware of the darker side of things, and of the pitfalls and dangers of a one-note approach; let the facts and the current power distribution offer guidance as to what will work best; be creative, but refuse to be deluded or deceived; and finally, use your real-life past for what it can tell you about dealing with barriers or obstacles (Juno trine and Pluto square Zeus, Saturn semi-square Juno and novile the South Node, Mercury parallel Pluto, Sun parallel Jupiter).

18th century French clock face {{PD}}

Today’s word image is: from an antique clock that no longer works, the wind-up key suddenly ‘jumps’ out of the keyhole. This actually happened (we saw the key leap to the chair below!) and wondered: what is going on? The clock is set to the time we got married (the ‘I dos’ were at 4:10 PM), and of course there’s that old saying, ‘Even a stopped clock is right twice a day’, suggesting that even the most wrong things can inadvertently, once in a while, actually be right. But my thought is this: a key is useless for a clock that can’t be wound and doesn’t function. So what thing that seemed vital (a key to something) will prove itself unnecessary, and so be removed from the scene (the key ‘jumping’ from the clock)?

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