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William Blake Richmond ‘Venus and Anchises’ c1890 {{PD}}

All that we’ve gathered of worth from the past, as well as our relationships and those ways in which we give or Love, are the mechanisms behind what happens today (Venus parallel the South Node). Those Venusian viewpoints and subjects flourish (and that can feel positive or less than), even as we keep a solid connection to the real-world situation, likely through irritations, obstacles, or small discomforts we must work around or accommodate (Venus semi-sq Saturn). The great thing is we have lots of arrows in our quiver: our values and commitments show their worth and keep us on point (Venus parallel Vesta) and encourage a healthy, balanced approach (Venus conj Hygeia) that supports attaining ambitions and desires (Venus trine Zeus), and we’ll also sense the advantage in facing what we might otherwise turn away from, deny, or meet only with temper (Venus and Hygeia nov Black Moon Lilith). That addresses our attitude, but here’s how it might translate into action: impulses may need to be curbed, actions slowed for sufficient consideration, as we’ll either feel guiding wisdom may need modification or we’ll simply resist what’s practical and smart (Mars quincunx Pallas). We have the right foundation and sensibilities for moving forward, but our judgment may be skewed–keep that in mind today, and slow your roll, so that reason can moderate or overcome impulse.


Today’s word image is someone who puts something up for sale, but then refuses to sell it, even when offered exactly what they say they want. Is there someone in your world claiming to offer something, then not producing when it’s accepted? Do you feel like it’s a bait-and switch? Do you feel the person is honestly conflicted, or duplicitous? Or are you doing this, and not even aware you’re doing it? Sending such thoroughly mixed signals to the Universe is a real problem; for best results, get all your intentions on a single wavelength.