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Anders Zorn ‘Scared’ (etching) 1912 {{PD}}

Everything may seem scary right now; we feel vulnerable, menaced both by our wounds and those things summoned by the imagination, giving us the sense we’re being pursued and that there’s nowhere to hide. Two points to help you deal with this: attention to and scrutiny of wounds can actually reveal the way to permanently heal them, and the material world may present some risky or harsh but very wise or practical ways to approach what comes forward today. It’s a matter of not allowing ourselves to get so distracted by fear or anticipation of disaster that we miss the very smart opportunity or the healing element right in front of us (Neptune contra-parallel Sedna, Saturn semi-sq Hygeia and trine Pallas, Sun nov Chiron).

Paul Klee ‘Der Goldfisch’ 1924 {{PD}}

Today’s word image is a kitten dipping into a fishbowl, angling for a goldfish. Are you engaged in something that’s purely a part of your nature, that to an observer might seem a wee bit barbaric or mercenary? Are you following urges at the expense of civilized co-existence? Does it feel like you’re just “hungry”, and doing what comes naturally? Is someone accusing you of thoughtless or heedless behavior? Does what you think of as ‘the natural order of things’ make this urge ‘right’, or is containing natural urges an important thing for you?