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‘The Seven Sisters on Geisangenfjord’ 1915 By Karl Paul Themistokles von Eckenbrecher {{PD}}

Change is the order of the day. Deep, erratic, rebellious but brilliant and original cuts to the bone in values and commitments may draw on the past and require a thorough mental examination of every dark and ignored thing before they can take shape–oh but when they do gather form, we’ll find our power and our path vis-à-vis the facts, the social order, or our belief system. Probably a bigger (that is, more meaningful) day than we’ll realize in the moment; don’t be surprised if you get a shock or two, or a revelation, especially around the home situation, the partner, or those areas you find sacred. Don’t allow thoughts to fixate on the negative, and don’t dissipate energy in anger or nostalgia–neither will serve you, and will only distract from some rather amazing potential developments (Vesta parallel the South Node, Uranus sesq and Pluto nov Vesta, Jupiter sq Juno, Mercury parallel Black Moon Lilith).

Illustration by John Bauer for ‘Broder Martin’ (Brother Martin) by Emil Eliasson in “Bland tomtar och troll” (Among gnomes and trolls), 1913 {{PD}}

Today’s word image is something with a tiny beard. A kitten, a goat, a young man, an old man (or even a woman), a stuffed animal, something or someone you see in the media or on the street or in a photo. Whatever this wee beard and the person or thing that sports it makes you feel, is the important ‘image’ for today.

Addendum: Could that “little beard” be someone ‘fronting’ for someone else, ‘bearding’ for them so their true intentions or inclinations don’t become known?

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