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‘The Awakening’ By Thomas Cooper Gotch {{PD}}

We may initially reject healing thoughts or words, resistant to the idea that we must let go of our hurt–but if we will just allow ourselves to see the wisdom and practicality in healing what’s injured, we’ll not only end the day feeling more ‘whole’ than when we started, we’ll also let go of any conflicts generated by disparities between our values or within relationships that specifically require we ignore our own instincts, or that ask us to operate within our ‘blind spot’. That is, relationships or our own values may urge us to ignore instinctual responses (toward Self-interests or Self-preservation) and/ or may ask us to ‘look the other way’, letting our own ignorance of or lack of perspective on some issue pave the way for someone else’s purposes. Proceed from a viewpoint of Love, equally for Self and Others, and look for the smart solution, or the practical one–therein lies salvation (Venus sq Sedna, Mercury semi-sq Chiron, Chiron nov Pallas).

‘Unicorn’ By Gustave Moreau 1885 {{PD}}

Today’s word image is: you look out the window and see a unicorn. Nowadays we use the term ‘unicorn’ to stand for something so rare, so unlikely that it seems impossible–and yet there it is. Where’s the unicorn in your life? Are you having a hard time believing it’s real? This is your notice that it’s not only real, that you must actively respond to it as real, or you’ll be at a big disadvantage.

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