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All our energy and attention goes to the fulfillment of ambitions and desires; it’s as if we suddenly become hyper-aware of the fragile and fleeting nature of life, and so compelled to achieve meaning, to have an impact that comes straight from the Soul, before it’s all over. The interesting thing is that, in this case, what offers a brilliant bit of inspiration or just the information we need is something we’ve been ignoring, avoiding, or that has previously seemed unjust or enraging; now, by engaging with one or more of these matters, we see the way clear to get what we truly want. An astounding day, if we can meet what’s before us totally without fear (Sun trine Zeus and nov Black Moon Lilith).

Today’s word image is hearing and/ or seeing the same name mentioned simultaneously. It may not have to be a name, but may only be something coming at you from dual sources at the same time, a simultaneity of expression that tells us by its very synchronicity that it holds meaning. For me that name was ‘Harry’. I don’t know anyone by that name, so it made me think of Prince Harry–so I guess I’m looking for the prince in my own life 😉