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‘Down to the Sea’ By Rockwell Kent c1910 {{PD}}

Health matters, especially those we might’ve faced at some point in the past, are on our minds today–and these can be previous times of disturbed thoughts or emotional or spiritual trials, as well as those of the physical realm. These issues may come to the fore, exaggerated in our own minds, contradicting our stated beliefs, or stirred up by our awareness of social standards that we don’t seem to meet. Calming troubled waters comes through practical attention to our physical well-being and to the condition of the material world itself; we must focus in the moment, on the state of things as they are right now, in order to see things with some wisdom, and to gain a sufficiently accurate perspective (Jupiter sq Hygeia, Mercury parallel Pallas, nov Saturn, and conj the South Node, Sun semi-sq Saturn).

Louis Léopold Boilly ‘Conversation dans un Parc’ 1812 {{PD}}

Today’s word image is: you run into an acquaintance on the street, who introduces you to their companion–someone you’ve never seen, heard of, or met before. This person says something that in thinking about it later you start to see as a kind of ‘pronouncement’ from the Universe, with the confirmation that this stranger gave you an extraordinary message being the way, as you all part, they say good-bye and call you by a (pleasant) name no one has used for you since childhood.