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Workshop of George Frederic Watts ‘Chaos’ 1875 {{PD}}

Will our rebelliousness cause our own destruction, or is it that the ego just can’t share power (or can’t do anything to support those that do have it)? Mars sesquiquadrate Uranus and parallel Pluto suggests we are not on board with the power politics of the current picture, and perhaps think that blowing it all up is our only option. The reality of it is a bit different: we are pushed toward creating chaos because of our own denial of instincts and avoidance of what we should attend to (Black Moon Lilith sesquiquadrate Sedna). Steer a course by relationships, financial needs, and values, as all will be attuned to what’s healthy in the larger sense (Venus parallel Hygeia); our other big plus is our mentality at this time: somehow, in being able to put aside what we’d rather not see at the moment, we are able serve ambitions and desires in a way that honors what we find important, sacred, or meaningful, and this has a relatively powerful ability to manifest our aims (Mercury nov BML, semi-sq Saturn, trine Zeus and parallel Vesta). The trick is not allowing our complaints over current power distribution to distract us from the way we can get exactly what we want, regardless of who holds what in the realm of power.

Michal Osmenda from Brussels, Belgium – Chasing an orange car in Roussillon, Provence, France. CC BY-SA 2.0

Today’s word image is a bright orange car–or rather, a triumvirate of them! Cars are a means of getting somewhere, and the color orange implies overflowing energy, and the number three? That’s a number of balance, of equilibrium, perhaps suggesting that a roaring go-get-‘um attitude must have two others ‘legs’ that, well considered, keep things in a productive state. Adequate rest and fuel, of course, may be one of those, while the other is likely the mental, emotional, and spiritual considerations that give that energy both a shape and a desirable aim. Measure which of your ‘legs’ may be in need of attention, and don’t let any one of them do all the driving.