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First, the smooth: an original take on things, especially one that draws on the past, is the light we should follow today. The most unique things about ourselves, our talents and the ability to jump to them spontaneously, along with the courage to express ourselves, will be key to personal fulfillment at this time, as will a willingness to accept the modern, the advanced, the new, and to approach all with the idea that understanding will breed sympathy, and so help us see the other side of things (Sun conj Juno, both sxt Uranus, Mercury parallel the South Node). Win-win will always be better than single-minded Self-interest–in a way, today you can actually achieve both.

Now the rough: the mind is prone to reactionary thinking, exaggerating issues and resisting the facts and/ or what the social order asserts (Mercury sq Jupiter). When confronted with authority, the tendency may be to choose the impractical or unwise, in a show of misplaced defiance (Pallas sq Ceres). Add to this that we are potentially either misunderstanding our own values and priorities, or that we are deluded about what truly matters to us, and we have a recipe for bad judgment and ‘wrong’ decisions (Neptune sq Vesta).

The only way to avoid the possibility of bad judgment is to fully invest in our unique take on things; trusting our most personal and original viewpoint will take us in the right direction, as long as we don’t get all philosophical and try to filter things by some theoretical or absolute standards, as we are likely to have a distorted or irrational view of these at this time. Keep it all keyed to who you are, and you can’t go far wrong.

By LincolnGroup11 – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=27439778

Today’s word image is: having to do the ‘wrong’ thing before you can do the ‘right’ one. When this happens, it may feel like a waste of time, a dead end, but the reality is we learn from this, and perhaps put off that ‘right’ move until the time is appropriate and everything aligns. Never fear that you’ve made a mess of things; you did it so you could find out something, even if that’s only to teach yourself never to do that again.