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We may brave human laws, but we cannot resist natural ones–Captain Nemo, ‘20,000 Leagues Under the Sea’

John Reinhard Weguelin 1905 {{PD}}

We’re all tangled up in the Dark of the Moon, thinking big and sure of ourselves and of the rightness of our facts, and yet resisting our own inner voice, the one that can be so vital during times that decide the direction our Path will take (Sun conj Juno and both sq Sedna, Jupiter parallel Pallas). Every cell in our body is vibrating with the New Moon eclipse to come, the salt waters of the blood stream pulled like any ocean toward the extremity of the event; that can make us reckless, too prone to assess our own wisdom as greater than it really is, or to confuse optimism with what’s smart, with ‘knowing’. We need to focus on ‘mental health’, trusting ourselves to know what’s what; if it sounds questionable, it is (Mercury conj Hygeia). We need to watch out for the undercurrents, riptides formed by what we’ve ignored or denied, or by a flow of anger not yet released (Juno and the Sun semi-sq Black Moon Lilith). This can pull us under; we’ll also flail, perhaps risking relationships or finances, if we insist on pursuing desires or ambitions at this time (Venus sesq Zeus and semi-sq Pluto). We may only mean to follow our dream, but we may end up causing damage, instead–so proceed with caution, and be aware of the siren call exerted by the approaching New Moon.

Today’s word image is hearing a disembodied voice. What does it say to you?