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In honor of Aquarius, which has taken us for a ride, of late. William Bell Scott ‘The Little Water-Carrier’ 1862 {{PD}}

Vesta trines the North Node today, suggesting that whatever direction you find yourself headed, it reflects your values accurately. Not the values you say you have, but the ones you actually live–and yet we may be unable or unwilling to see how what we hold dear shapes our lives, with Mercury entering Pisces and prompting obscuring or idealizing of what we face. The reality is, we’ll behold  the outcome of those seeds planted earlier, around mid-December 2017, at the time of the Inferior Conjunction; the Superior Conjunction of the Sun and Mercury (when they meet with Merc direct) perfects today and shows us what our choices have created, many of which will have been made in the unconscious. What comes to light is a minor lesson in cause-and-effect, one that we may be tempted to intellectualize or rationalize (Aquarius) in an attempt to deal with what will likely feel like an imminent crisis (Sun and Merc meet at 29 degrees)–and this sense of crisis may be what pushes us to act on fantasy, to make deluded choices, or to allow ourselves to be mislead, willingly accepting something that if we pushed back would prove false (Mars sq Neptune). It sounds a little bleak, doesn’t it? But, what we may find is if we enter conflict or circumstances of discord with a clear sense of identity (or, failing that, a strong ego), we easily see the spiritually correct answer for ourselves as individuals (that is, there’s no spiritual formula, but a response that resonates with the Soul) with which we can resolve whatever lies before us.

‘The Horses of San Marco, Looking North’ By Reginald Barratt 1906 {{PD}}

Today’s word image is: someone you know takes a trip you always wanted to take, and you aren’t a bit envious. This happened to me, and I expected I would be jealous, but I instantly realized that the trip that person took wouldn’t be anything like the one I would take–they are on their ‘journey’, in the largest and the most particular senses, and I am on mine, so that even if we did the same things when we arrived, we would have markedly different experiences. This may be obvious to you, but it wasn’t to me, and maybe the point is a wider one, suggesting we never really can know the dimensions of someone else’s experiences, someone else’s Path.