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‘The Storm Spirits’ By Evelyn De Morgan c1900 {{PD}}

We communicate directly with spirit today, directly with and from our own and others’ power space (Sun enters Pisces and along with Merc noviles Pluto). Conditions advise against listening to our instincts–they’re distorted by fear, so not in tune with what we really need–and though it may seem contradictory, do allow yourself to be spontaneous and to express your most unique and original inclinations, even if it takes a toll on relationships and/ or finances–your health is most important, in the end, and will be aided if you speak from your central spiritual power. Just sort impulses into positive and not-so by what you’ve learned from your own past; therein lies all you need to know to make right choices today (Uranus sxt Hygeia while Hygeia sq Sedna, Pallas parallel SN, Venus contra-parallel Uranus).

By Steve Evans from Citizen of the World – Americana: Scarecrow, CC BY 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=25839973

Today’s word image is a scarecrow standing in a long-dead garden. Are you trying to protect something that’s no longer viable, that in one way or another has been ‘dead’ for some time? Ponder what you may be getting from continuing to behave as if this ‘garden’ is still producing, and consider that your vigilance may be doing no one any good, possibly distracting you or draining energy from much better uses.