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‘Portrait Of A Lady’ 1890 By William Merritt Chase {{PD}}

“He who hesitates is lost”—-Marcus Porcius Cato

That’s the essence of today, as the Sun parallels Mercury, mimicking a Superior Conjunction with its potential for attention on outcomes and results, Mars parallels Saturn, aligning Will with real-world conditions and urging action to affect them, and Saturn quincunxes Ceres, suggesting that with adjustment of our personal authority, our relationship to external authorities, and the ways in which we look to command the reality picture, we can make a deep and powerful impression on our environment, our circumstances, and our status or position. To hesitate is to lose our place in the beneficial flow of Universal energy. Today it’s be ‘in the groove’ or outside it, nose pressed to the glass, looking in.

We also see yesterday’s Venus-Neptune conjunction echoed in today’s parallel between them, both prolonging the ideal Love scenario and pushing it below consciousness; rather than being quite so literal in our seeking, we are now yearning toward that idealized state, whether we realize it or not. The quincunx of Venus to the North Node says that we may feel we need to modify our values, our associations, and/ or our financial circumstances, in order to honor our goals and the road ahead. As I said yesterday, “Dream in ideal terms, but ground steps taken in real-world channels that can give ideas and fantasies form”; aspects for the 22nd offer the perfect vehicle for this, one that will be a highly accurate reflection of the relationship between you and the world you live in.

‘At Sea – Soldier Playing a Guitar’ 1941 By Ronald Searle {{PD}}

Today’s word image is a guitar, long unplayed. You’re not using some instrument at your disposal, and it could enhance your expression. What talent or skill have you neglected, that now needs to be ‘picked up’ once again?