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Wacław Szymanowski 1891 {{PD}}

There’s a big promise in that title, isn’t there? We all long for what we consider ‘ideal Love’; the problem is, everyone’s picture of ‘ideal’ is different, so that pairing the purity of the Love concept with something as subjective as what one considers flawless is a sure recipe for disappointment, if only because perfection doesn’t exist (though it can seem to, particularly if we keep our viewpoint narrow, and so mislead us into believing it’s possible). Venus conjoins Neptune in Pisces today, promising that perfect state of Love, or some other idealized or dreamed of condition, especially as it may apply to relationships or finances–but we need to be aware that Venus also contra-parallels Sedna and parallels Zeus, implying we may be shutting out instinct in favor of ambitions and desires, figuratively ignoring our own warning signals and effectively indulging in wishful dreaming. In essence we’re then doubling the ‘want’ factor, making us much more vulnerable to deception or to investing in something hollow or non-existent.

Is there anything wrong with dreaming and hoping? Of course not, but when we pursue the fantasy while willfully denying our innate instinctual knowledge (or while insisting on ignoring our own ‘blind spot’ material–which we may or may not be conscious of, the latter possible if we ignore feedback), we risk potential gains and certainly risk loss: of assets as well as our connection to reality. Dream in ideal terms, but ground steps taken in real-world channels that can give ideas and fantasies form (Mercury parallel Hygeia and sextile Saturn). As a matter of practicality, expect to adjust the mental approach and/ or the diet in terms that offer you authority over and responsibility for yourself–flare-ups of allergies or other autoimmune conditions or digestive issues may alert us to this need. Connecting at this time with your own sense of autonomy and agency can be your best guide through a dense, obscuring, and highly appealing Neptunian fog (Mercury quincunx Ceres).

Photo by guaca https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:Guaca Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported

Today’s word image is a crossword puzzle, the answers to which don’t seem to mesh together as they should. Well there’s only one issue here, perhaps one the crossword solver has ignored: they’ve answered incorrectly. Is there a situation in your life that you’re sure you have the answers to, that you’ve even, speaking in crossword terms, filled in the boxes of in ink? Are you now surprised to find things aren’t working? It may seem inexplicable, but it’s not: you’ve made assumptions somewhere along the way that are not right–time to lightly and with a fresh eye review your tracks, and make corrections–the situation won’t go forward, or operate correctly, until you do.

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