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Image: Rainer Knäpper, Free Art License https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Free_Art_License

And with that title, I mean working key power relationships out, specifically as they do or don’t allow or support our own autonomy, agency, and Self-expression. The focus is on our perceptions of how circumstances or others exercise constraint on us–but this isn’t the usual ‘How oppressive is this?’ inquiry. Today we’re meant to examine the way existing power structures and agreements can enhance our own empowerment (to include how the current situation can transform our role–Pluto nov Juno), how facing factors we’ve ignored or denied, or that have enraged us, will enhance our effectiveness and reach (Mercury sextile Black Moon Lilith and parallel Juno), and the ways in which turning away from our own uniqueness, originality, and spontaneous creativity may force us to modify (probably downward) our Self-possession, authority, and personal power (Sun contra-parallel Uranus and quincunx Ceres). We have the chance to see where we really stand, and how to make our position a whole lot better. Hints: don’t underestimate the genuine appeal charisma can exert, and be aware of the highly repellent quality of over-calculation–including manipulation–when exercising influence in power relationships.

‘Flamingo’ By Carl Moser 1922 {{PD}}

Today’s word image is a live flamingo standing in a sea of plastic ones. Can you identify the real in a mass of artificial? Is the eye too confused by the similarities to recognize the subtle differences? Do you care about finding the real one, or are you just as happy to have a fake one next to the pool? How much do you care about authenticity in others, and would you more naturally ‘stand alone’ as ‘real’, or flock with the ornamental molded ones?

‘Flamingos’ By Franz Marc 1906 {{PD}}

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