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Vertumnus and Pomona‘ By David Teniers the Elder 1637 {{PD}}

The ideal-focused among us (or I should say, those of us who believe perfection is possible), and those who are susceptible to Self-doubt, may think we must modify our own innate authority and power in order to receive Love–but if it’s really Love, it doesn’t ask us to change, does it? That’s what makes the current Venus sextile to Pluto and sesquiquadrate to Ceres so confusing: Love beckons and says, ‘Let’s transform this!’ and we hear an unspoken, ‘to a higher level’, but we are ignoring all the danger inherent in looking too closely at Love, too sharply into the abyss, and simultaneously find ourselves aware that this love-thing is making us very uncomfortable with our personal authority and power, as if our agency is costing us Love–but as we know, real Love doesn’t require us to curb our power or expression. So what is happening? We’re focused on making ‘it’ happen, on ambition fulfillment (Mars sextile Zeus) and we’re already struggling with trusting ourselves and our instincts–we are perhaps too conscious of our potential for falling into a ‘blind spot’ (Juno contra-parallel Sedna)–and then along comes that seductive Venus and the compelling nature of the darkness, the mystery and compulsion of sex, the heady energy of Power, and it’s promised as some material or tangible thing (Pluto in Capricorn)–and we may feel that our life direction is unwise or impractical, that in making our choices, we’re missing something (Pallas square the Nodes), and this uncertainty weighs on us. So what it’s really all about is confidence in who we are, in our ability to make choices, to handle what comes at us–so today becomes a Rorschach test of how surely we believe we can handle anything we meet. Hint: if you find yourself facing a lot of Self-doubt today, you need to ask why you don’t trust yourself to ‘have your back’, as it were.

Today’s word image is a sign along the road that reads, ‘Half Way’–but how can we know we’re ‘half way’ unless we know both where we started and where we’re going? Maybe this is a reminder not to think we know more about our own Path than we actually do.