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Juno’s bird, sometimes associated with envy. Pieter Boel ‘Study of Three Peacocks’ c1670 {{PD}}

We see a lot of internal harmony, strength, inventiveness, originality, and spontaneity–unless we’re being affected by jealousy, envy, or greed. Find out what, if anything, might be stopping up the flow of creative positivity, and once it’s gone–full speed ahead! (Mercury nov Uranus, Venus quincunx and Juno parallel Zeus)

Today’s word image is two birds on the ground, one in flight. What has recently ‘taken off’? Are you distracted by what didn’t ‘take off’? Can you keep up, or is this an instance of something ‘flying the coop’, and so out of your hands? Are you noticing sets of three? With the latter, this image might be less about achieving lift-off of one kind or another, and more about the synchronicities that noticing threes will prompt attention to.