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Franz Marc – ‘The Bewitched Mill’ 1912 {{PD}}

With Venus square Neptune, and Mercury square Pluto, we may be hard pressed not just to see where all this is going, but to form a complete thought; every time we think we have a concept firmly in mind, or an idea with a discernible shape, we find on its heels an immediate, ‘No! That’s not the way it is!’ that tears down the thought and starts fresh. Values may contradict visions, relationship demands may jam up creativity, and finances may put the brakes on what we are imagining–meanwhile, communications may be inadvertently destructive, or could transform us in the hearing/ receiving–and so leave us seeing things much differently than the viewpoint we started with.

Luckily we have two helpful aspects, a trine from Mars to Sedna, and a sextile of Mercury to Pallas. These make us able to trust ‘muscle memory’, to act and choose based on instinct and what we ‘know but don’t know’, and to find steady ground by thinking about and utilizing the practical option. So, there is a way through the fog, if we keep our wits about us.

The 8th sees these circumstances continue, with a couple of twists. We have an issue with our own empowerment and our values and commitments (Vesta sq Juno), with today’s influences even more rooted in what to trust, what not to trust. Today the mind is clear of deceptive or illusory input, but that also means we have a hard time seeing the potentials of things or visualizing how we want it all to turn out–which means heading successfully toward a goal may be tricky (Mercury contra-parallel Neptune)–and optimism or a realistically based effort could be in short supply (Sun opp Jupiter). Again, it may come down to the ability to sort areas where we’d best not move from those where we can rely on input and influences–not easy at all!

Today’s word image is a dream where you have no socks or shoes. Symbolically, what does that suggest? (Asking for a friend–seriously, it’s not my dream, but I have a few ideas)

Looking for more? Stuff here and here are possibilities–and have a great week!