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‘Mural from the Temple of Longing’ Paul Klee 1921 {{PD}}

Starting today, the 9th, I’ll be away from the computer. All comments and requests for service will be answered when I return, and all orders from the Press will be filled at that time as well. I’ve scheduled some posts for the coming days, focused on what I think will be the most prominent, startling, or exciting bits. Have a lovely weekend!

We know what we want; desire is a motivating factor, one which may flood faculties, overwhelm the facts, and float a certain unmoored optimism (which I think is actually a good thing). The thing is, there’s a gap between knowing what we crave, ache for, lust for, feel starving and in pain without, and seeing the best way to get it. Slow down and look at the facts as they stand, consider how beliefs (our own or others’) might exert a pull or mess with our radar, and be willing to take less of something if that is indeed ‘the right thing’ (Venus qnx Jupiter and trine Zeus, Sun qnx Zeus)

Today’s word image is two people walking together, but completely out of step with each other. Is there someone in your life, a ‘fellow traveler’, with whom you feel completely at odds right now? Don’t give up on the relationship; this is temporary. You’ll soon find yourselves walking in harmony once again.