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‘Cigarette’ Pauline Palmer c1920 {{PD}}

I’ll be away from the computer for a few days. All comments and requests for service will be answered when I return, and all orders from the Press will be filled at that time as well. I’ve scheduled some posts for the coming days, and have decided for the most part to focus on just one thing happening that day, that just so happens to be the one I think will be the most prominent, startling, or exciting. Have a lovely weekend!

I’m intrigued by some of the currents that will buffet us today (especially Pallas sesq SN and sq Hygeia, suggesting we are really dumb to take up something from the past that was definitely detrimental to our health), but nothing stands out for the win so much as this cluster: Mars parallel Saturn (actions and choices, even those that seem random or impulsive, are very much under control), Venus quincunx Black Moon Lilith and Pluto (what we love, our relationships, and perhaps even our money, is embroiled in the consequences of ignoring issues and our own destructive impulses), Mercury parallel Sedna (again with restraint, this time it’s the mind that is guided by instinct, by what’s held just below consciousness), and Sun trine Pluto (we see the forces of transformation, destruction, and power–and we respond from deep within our Soul). It seems we may trip along, only half aware, in the midst of big, change-making energies, and we’ll be just fine–so long as we don’t take up smoking again, or that thing where we thought we could make a parachute from an old sheet and fly on a windy day.