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‘Chaffinch Nest and May Blossom’ By William Henry Hunt 1845 {{PD}}

I’ll be away from the computer for a few days. All comments and requests for service will be answered when I return, and all orders from the Press will be filled at that time as well. I’ve scheduled some posts for the coming days, and have decided for the most part to focus on just one thing happening that day, that just so happens to be the one I think will be the most prominent, startling, or exciting. Have a lovely weekend!

We either engage in magical thinking today, or we access our most creative and fertile ideas (Mercury nov Neptune), but it’s done with where we truly want to go in mind; the only caveats are that we may be alienated from our own most deeply-felt desires (feeling they’re too messy or that passion shouldn’t figure in?), and that all our attention may be on what we’d rather not get! And of course, like a magnet, this draws what enrages us, or what we’d like to deny or ignore, directly to us (Mercury contra-parallel Zeus, Sun parallel NN and trine Black Moon Lilith). Go forward, but don’t deny your highest values, just ’cause you may think that might expedite the matter (Sun sesq and contra-parallel Vesta).

‘The Captive Robin’ By John Anster Fitzgerald c1864 {{PD}} The bird is on the right, wearing a vine necklace studded with berries.

Today’s word image is two robins, competing for worms after the rain. As yesterday, the idea of two, but today there’s a competitive edge over resources. Do you feel like there’s not enough? Or is there some relationship where you are close (‘birds of a feather’) but see each other as ‘success rivals’? Listen, there’s plenty of worms for everyone, and a focus on competing, even when that competition is a ‘friendly’ one, narrows your vision and keeps you thinking on too small a scale. Look up, look around, and see what else is out there.