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Mark Gertler – ‘Merry-Go-Round’ 1915 {{PD}}

We seek to express ourselves, to make others aware of (and so honor) our status or position, at least in part out of hurt; and in expressing ourselves, we cause hurt, which comes back to us, and we’re off to the races. Round and round the need that springs from hurt causes hurt for ourselves and others, and we do it again and again, caught in a loop that can only be broken when we stop insisting that others respect us, and show it by doing what we want them to. It’s not the Self-expression that’s the problem, it’s the way we believe others should react to it. Keep this in mind today. Messages are firmly rooted in reality, and we may (unreasonably) expect them to mesh smoothly with what we think we and others are creating by our way of thinking and reasoning. Not only will they not mesh, we will be given a clear indication of where our thinking has gotten off track. Use it for the informative input it can be, rather than reacting from that old loop of insisting the world see us in a particular way–that will only hold us back (Chiron parallel Juno, Mercury trine Saturn and square the Nodal axis)

Today’s word image is a wound that changes form but won’t heal. Whether physical, emotional, or psychic, a wound that persists raises a few questions: have you tried to help it heal, or have you ignored it, waiting for it to go away? Did the initial injury arise from something you did, or was it something outside your control? Do you relate differently to the injury in its original form as compared to its current form? And what does the wound allow you to do (or perhaps, to avoid facing) that you might otherwise have to acknowledge or go forward with? Now, what in your own life needs the scrutiny supplied by these questions?

Today’s outlook may seem a little harsh, but if it strikes you that way, it may be because it’s truly necessary at this time to take an unflinching look at the facts of things as they are right now. Take heart–it not only won’t last long (it breaks tomorrow, in fact!) but is the only way we can make headway right–so if you find yourself flailing, feeling like you can’t get things going, the reality picture and its unvarnished state are where you’ll find the answers–as long as you don’t take a personal stance that is powered by hurt, and goes round and round. Have a lovely day!