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By Master of Palazzo Venezia Madonna (Active 1340 – About 1360) {{PD}} – Creator (Italian)Details of artist on Google Art Project – lwFgCRz6ScozSw at Google Cultural Institute https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=22738581

Each of three conjoined combos perfecting today has a distinct personality; if we can get all three influences to mesh in some kind of harmonious co-existence, we might see massive acceleration toward successful accomplishment of goals. They’re like three boosters attached to a rocket; each is powerful on its own, but the only way to attain balance and stay on course (that is, move straight ahead) is to burn all at once, and to a similar intensity.

We have Pluto conjoined Black Moon Lilith, which may resemble a horde of gravediggers hitting a cemetery at midnight: not only will every buried or secret thing be fair game, but what’s dug up will be used, in some way, to gain, consolidate, or re-generate power. There is also the possibility that those matters we’ve ignored or denied up to now will be destroyed–and that means an option we previously enjoyed will now be removed, like it or not.

Then there’s Venus conjoined Pallas (and novile the North Node, for good measure). The simplest formula is ‘Beauty equals Wisdom’, but it’s likely to be a little more complex than that. Maybe we find that keeping our eye on finances leads to smart choices, or that being practical is profitable, or that attention to relationships is the wisest thing to do–what is positive for the health of the interaction may be the very best course, supporting our own interests, as well. This meeting occurs in Gemini, making it something you can think or talk about, and so winkle out its particular meaning for you.

And then there’s the Sun, cozied up to Sedna. This illuminates the instincts, those things we ‘know but don’t know’, and our ‘blind spot’ material. In other words, it gives us the opportunity to see or connect with a great many things that we normally ignore, that we shy away from being 100% consciously aware of.

Now we synchronize things: we dig them up, look directly at them, and consciously recognize their worth, especially the value inherent in them that we may have been missing, and we apply the wisest (or most practical, either measure will do) approach we know. Hint: you can be too practical, in trying to implement this–go a little wild, for best results (Pallas contra-parallel Hygeia) That’s all there is to it!

Today’s word image is a dream one: a red-headed girl stands by the 2nd story window. She’s upset that she’s not getting more attention. She jumps (but more like floats) out the window. I feel responsible, and rush out to see if she’s okay. She fell on something that cushioned the fall, and seems not seriously hurt–but as I go to help her, she shrinks and shrinks and becomes a small red spider–I think I should put her in something to protect her, until she decides (this is the idea in the dream) to become a girl again, but she becomes so small I can’t see her anymore.

For me this brought to mind the phrase (which I never use) ‘red-headed step child’. This has a general meaning of Otherness, of something not favored, of suspicious origins, something that doesn’t quite belong, and yet claims some time, energy, or attention through relationship. I also have a highly positive relationship to spiders, seeing them as my allies 🙂 So, the meaning for me goes in a very particular direction, and I understand; for you, what does the dream scenario suggest? Consider it as a scene you witnessed–or break it down to its symbol components: red-haired girl, window, red spider–what would it mean to you, then? Opportunity (the window) that you may not feel you have the energy for (red hair) or are not mature enough (or have enough skills–‘girl’ status, rather than ‘woman’) to take advantage of, with ‘taking the leap’ transforming that energy or status to something adaptable, skilled–but in a completely unanticipated form. Or does it suggest some sort of red-related synchronicity?

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