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The Perseus Cluster NASA {{PD}}

We act, and we know what we’re doing, agile and competent–yay!–it’s the thinking, reasoning, the mind that’s off kilter–and this is tough to fathom, since that facility of choice and action (Sun trine Mars) occurs in the most mental of the Air signs, Gemini and Aquarius. The mind, however, is dealing with difficult realities, a loss of optimism or faith, a need to adjust ambitions or with frustrated desires, and it all urges us to push forward anyway, which brings impractical or unwise results (Merc qnx Zeus, sq Ceres, contra-parallel Jupiter, Jupiter sesq Pallas). What’s a seeker to do? Quit fighting with or contradicting Nature–She really does know best, and is an irresistible force, in the end, so accept it, embrace it, call forces greater than you your friend–and realize that the thinking is off because the worldview is. To see ourselves as arbiters of our world is to be full of hubris; do we manifest our world by our thoughts and attention, our investment of energy? Of course–are we then solely responsible for the make up of each little facet of our world? No, and it’s vanity to think so! We are part of a Whole, of something as large as the Cosmos and as small as a quark, but that doesn’t discount the presence of other energies, everywhere, interacting all the time. Step back, take a breathe–the only thing you’re truly responsible for is yourself.

‘Boxer Dog in Window – Vilnius – Lithuania’ By Adam Jones, from Kelowna, BC, Canada Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic

Today’s word image is a dog at the front window, watching his human walk to the car and drive off. Is there someone/ something you’re missing, as you look and feel left behind? Or is it that you’re walking away from someone/ something, not aware of the sadness this is causing?