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School of Adriaen van der Werff c1690 {{PD}}

We can find our way through using the tactile, the sensory, and those things felt, especially those known deep within that guide instinct and intuition. It’s actually our only viable option, considering how distracted the mind is, how at odds we are with our own values and how likely we are to choose nursing hurt over exercising wisdom. Why so Self-destructive? Maybe it’s our perception of the way our ambitions have been thwarted and warped, or the way desire isn’t in line with our highest aims. In any case, immerse yourself in sensation and give reason a rest–there’s only so much the mind can do, and this is one of those times when it’s best to recognize that (Chiron sq Pallas, Venus nov Sedna, Merc sesq Vesta, Sun sesq Zeus and qnx Vesta)

‘A Turn in the Road’ By Paul Cezanne {{PD}}

Today’s word image is that of being a witness. We may be so in our own heads right now that what’s shifting and changing around us goes largely unnoticed–or if we see it, we dismiss it as unimportant to us. Major turns are being taken at this point, whether we see things that way or not; don’t miss something by pre-judging it as insignificant. The danger stated another way: for ‘Westworld’ fans, think, ‘That doesn’t look like anything to me.’