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‘Conjuring Back the Buffalo’ By Frederic Remington, 1889 {{PD}}

I guess I could argue that inspiration naturally brings change, or that change fosters inspiration by showing us new angles, new viewpoints, new realities–but today, what we have is something both more powerful and more deliberate than a simple spark and response: Jupiter trines Neptune, exaggerating the presence of the spiritual, offering an optimistic support of the creative urge, bringing opportunity via the imagination or the Collective, and neatly meshing knowledge with the mystical, that last a kind of recipe for conjuring, especially through the power of emotions. That isn’t all, though; Pluto and Black Moon Lilith are conjoined in Capricorn and trined by Mercury in Taurus, suggesting a ‘Message of Change’ comes through loud and clear, delivered by material circumstances that have been neglected, denied, or that have enraged us. Suddenly we are required to deal with things, and anger at this may sidetrack us, unless we see the purpose in it: how else to conjure the creative, the positive, the spiritually fulfilling unless the feeling palette is clear, void of subliminal anger or resentment. But there’s another influence, as well: Venus opposed Saturn and novile Ceres. What we value or find of worth in our relationships (to both people and things) may not be reflected in the real-world; it may seem we’re denied some form of reward or pleasure we normally access with ease, but that’s the heart of it: we are too used to that go-to positive, too quick to subsume thought or perception under a layer of spending or chocolate or lovemaking or feasting or . . . well, you get my drift. Today we are required to step back from the quick fix, and challenged specifically to find an alternate pleasure that is drawn directly from Nature. If your usual pleasure is a ‘natural’ one, you must substitute another–and if your usual is man-made, artificial, incorporeal, you must get in touch with the elements, with the senses, in a way that brings you a step closer to whole, that calls back the spirit, so that you are equipped to respond as Jupiter perfects her trine, sending inspiration and the creative off to soar.