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By Anastasiya Markovich – by email from the author, CC BY 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=4773153

Saturday the 26th is a minefield of good ideas–I say a ‘minefield’ because, as abundant as our ideas are (especially ones that will result in profit, make for better relationships, empower us, or that are just plain practical or smart), we may find that real-world circumstances are pushing us to modify those concepts, insisting that they’ll be tough to manifest or that they are too-tied to the past (and so may tie us to the past). Neither of these negatives are true, but it might be very hard to see through the fears they generate to the reality on the other side. Let me reiterate: the ideas are good, some of them are even great, and hesitation isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as it gives you time to see precisely how to fit all the pieces together. Also, ‘Go Natural’, whatever that means to you–it will be worth it (Venus qnx SN and parallel Ceres, Saturn qnx NN, Mercury nov Juno and Pallas, sesq Saturn, semi-sq Venus)

The 27th is like thought-anti-matter to yesterday; what was so good just 24 hours ago is now, shall we say, not functioning at peak. We find ourselves resistant to change (which may be, or may just feel like it’s being, forced upon us), rejecting both Nature and all those priorities that seemed so important just a little while ago, and focused far too closely on the down side of things, especially the destructive, the inevitable ends of matters, and those things we’re already completely aware are unwise. The remedy? Accept ourselves completely; accept that you are a powerful Being in your own right, that you actually do have complete autonomy, no matter how you’ve structured externals, and honor your ambitions and desires–within these are the keys to feeding the Soul (Ceres sxt Zeus, Vesta opp Pallas and sesq Ceres, Merc contra-parallel Vesta and the SN, Sun sesq Pluto)

I’m taking a little time off from the Daily posts–back when I feel rested, though I may sneak back in with a Full Moon report in a few days. Enjoy yourselves in the meantime! xo