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Vilhelm Hammershoi – ‘Interieur mit Rueckenansicht einer Frau’ – 1903-1904 {{PD}}

The Full Moon occurs on the 29th at 7:20 AM Pacific time at 8 Sagittarius 10, falling trine to the transiting North Node and sextile the South one–and that makes a Mystic Rectangle with the Sun-Earth-Moon axis. Keeping our 2+ or – degree (or less for minor contacts) orb, we also see the FM semi-sextile Saturn and semi-square Black Moon Lilith–otherwise, this event is all on its lonesome. The interesting point is that the only ‘solid’ aspect the Full Moon makes is to Saturn, and that’s a minor interaction–all else is with calculated points, intangibles made up of energy, mathematical points derived from the movement of other solid bodies, giving the points a ‘once removed’ quality. That suggests that this Moon is a kind of ‘shadow Moon’, one that exerts a more subtle, nuanced, or ephemeral effect than the usual Lunar event–and those are cast with reflective light as it is, emphasizing that these connections and the influences they represent are probably more tenuous, even insidious, and more difficult to discern, than we realize.

At the same time, even as the effects seem to creep up on us, we can look to the natal House where Saturn is currently transiting, and/ or the House it rules (these will in most systems be one and the same, or sometimes the next House to the one it’s currently transiting, possible with Placidus, for instance, since Saturn’s in its own sign) for matters where the Full Moon may show through material issues. It’s like the fabric of the unseen world, the veil that separates material from non-material, is torn right where Saturn is, letting what we’re intuiting, sensing, or feeling spill through to take physical form.

What spills through with a Full Moon in Sagittarius is knowledge–and if not delivering the facts, it may deliver an event that bolsters, defines, or alters our faith, or our outlook toward the foreign or the social–and any or all of these will present things that, factual or not, will read as facts in our world, will inform the landscape. It’s important to remember for any Lunar event that it’s likely to be an emotional one, aside from any physical occurrences, and doubly so as the FM contacts its own points of extremity (the Nodes), and well as the Earth’s energy counterpoint within its ellipsis, Black Moon Lilith. This suggests that what we learn will be charged with emotion, and possibly emotion that we have denied, repressed, or that is closely bonded to rage–and this all acts on the psyche, which orchestrates the material world around us, bringing a point of manifestation at or very near the Full Moon point (or potentially, though less likely, at some time through to the next New Moon).

The Sabian for the Full Moon is, ‘A Mother Leads Her Small Child Step By Step Up A Steep Stairway’. The conscious mind is the mother, leading the way, the small child those less-conscious impulses, and energies more closely connected to the primal Self. The stairway, of course, is life, learning, going both forward and ‘up’, to a higher understanding–just exactly what the contacts promise for this FM. The opposing Sun Sabian is, ‘A Quiver Filled With Arrows’. That is an image of pure potential–and what is knowledge but that with which we’re ‘armed’ in our daily life? Use what you know at this Full Moon, and be open to acquiring more information–it’s there to be had, and some of it will appear in material form, up to us to ‘handle’.

Over the years people have written me on occasion, wanting to know why I use such close orbs for New and Full Moon discussions, and why I don’t talk about other aspects in force at the time of these events. I keep the picture crisp and clear to aid understanding; I think we muddy the waters when we want to analyze aspects kitchen-sink style, talking about everything in hopes that we hit something. Though nothing manifests in a vacuum, so to speak, we have to be able to tell influences one from another–otherwise we run the risk of believing we’re attending to a matter, when we might be missing its source completely.

Have a lovely week!