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By BLM Nevada – Burning Man 2014: Caravansary, CC BY 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=46529179

Today it’s all about what we love, what we used to love, what the reality picture says we love (and that’s vs. what we tell ourselves we love), what we think we’ll love in the future, and what we figure we can just ignore and still retain our power (Venus qnx Saturn, conj NN/ opp SN, Juno sq Black Moon Lilith). Or, if you’re more inclined to material concerns (no judgement there–one Venus meaning is not more important than the other), today’s about what you have, what you earn, what you used to get, what reality tells you you have or that you’re ‘worth’, and what you think you can safely ignore and still survive and/ or prosper. What have we got going for us? Clear, optimistic thinking that sees and probably seizes opportunity (Merc trine Jupiter). What’s not working? In hopes of preserving our identity (or more like preserving what we want to see ourselves as) we are inclined to pretend values, commitments, and duties aren’t a factor–when they clearly are (Sun opp Vesta). You see what’s wrong with that, right?

Today’s word image is a big ol’ red crepe paper heart edged with paper lace. There’s something tender and yet tawdry about Valentine merchandise and rituals–all the stereotypical stuff doesn’t really suggest true affection (because don’t those perqs arrive every day of the year?) and the holiday itself suggests a sentimentality that ignores love for some romanticized idea of ‘the Other’ that doesn’t serve either party in a real relationship–it all becomes about a display for public consumption, rather than a genuine show of tenderness between two people–and that suggests there is something ungenuine in our world right now, masquerading as caring that’s actually just for show. Rant over!

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