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Thinking is magical today, if true magic arises from creative energies shaped by a willing mind–the combination of a sharp mentality and imagination is powerful and holds boundless potential–though there is a down side in that it’s just too easy to say something fanciful or outright deceptive, just to keep the high mood going. So, orient plans and ideas to the ideal, and there’ll be no impulse to put that oh-so-unnecessary lipstick on a pig (Merc trine Neptune).

Two things (besides mischief-making unchanneled creative energy) to watch for: making power plays, negotiating, making deals CANNOT rest on instincts–winging it is especially iffy at this time, and opportunities will have hidden catches–it’s definitely not a case of what you see is what you get–and going forward without knowing the facts can end up curtailing our freedom, one way or another (Ceres sq Sedna, Sun sesq Jupiter).


Today’s word image is a pattern known as a Greek key. Watch for it, and/ or the colors of blue and white together, and let the notice of it sharpen your attention in the moment.

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Forecast for the 19th is here–and some important Cosmic developments for late June are discussed here. Thank you!