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‘Twins Clara and Aelbert de Bray’ 1646 By Salomon de Bray {{PD}}

There’s an odd kind of split in the air; it vibrates to the point of disturbing the visual field, distorting some of the senses, and even if we’re not experiencing such a distinct disorientation we’re at least aware that things are off. It’s like in those story lines where the characters are swept into another version of their reality, and they all look at each other and say, “There’s something not right here.” That might be the feeling today, not necessarily that something’s not right, but certainly that it’s existing in two or more states at once, a real-life version of Schrödinger’s cat.

So why the weird vibes? The divide is mostly between external and internal realities, though for some of us the attention will be much more prominently fixed in one or the other. On one hand we have a strong sense of the interior reality being firmly integrated, with no separation among highest values, one’s dedicated energies, our prerogatives, the instinctual nature, and our learned and inherently known internal wisdom. One reason that what I might term our inner sense of honor, of who we are at core, is so solid right now is that we are embracing everything, even those things we’d normally deny or turn away from; another is that we’re seeing all the most creative and positive versions of the past, and drawing from them. There’s also something we might describe mundanely as ‘electricity in the air’, but which I’d describe more as a million tiny fractures in the atmosphere, where the energy of another viewpoint, another fact, another unknown, pokes through.

It can be a massively productive day, hugely inspiring, adding up to much more than the sum of its parts, so don’t be too distracted by that shimmer in the air; focus on that inner strength, that harmony that makes it very clear how to act in our most advantageous and characteristic ways (Sun sxt Uranus, Merc conj Pallas, Neptune nov SN, Vesta trine Ceres and parallel Black Moon Lilith, Juno parallel Sedna).

Today’s word image is two airliners on a collision course; one drops precipitously and avoids disaster for both. Who have you been on a collision course with, and which one of you saved the day by essentially crying ‘Uncle!’? It was a smart thing to do, and you should know there’s no need to return to that disastrous course once again.

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