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Photo By Lameirasb CC BY-SA 4.0

Today thoughts and attention are smoothly in line–which may give us the illusion that what we perceive is the whole enchilada, when in reality it can’t help but be only a part of it. Tips for successful navigation: what we’re effective at, what we have the authority or status to make happen, is also what we should be making happen; the future is where ‘it’ is at, so an attitude of investment and a willingness to delay gratification or reward will be beneficial; and don’t sweat future transgressions–they may never materialize (Sun parallel Mercury, Venus parallel NN and sesq Vesta, Vesta trine Juno).

Photo By Fer.goiba CC BY-SA 4.0

Today’s word image is an ‘incomplete’ meal. What makes you feel a meal is complete? Do you have to have dessert? A salad? Something hot? And what do your sustenance expectations say about the way you consume intangibles, like ideas? Food for thought (you see what I did there)

All photos are from–where else?–“Festival de la Enchilada, Iztapalapa 2014”

Photo By Lameirasb CC BY-SA 4.0