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Vincent van Gogh – ‘Self-portrait with bandaged ear’ 1889 {{PD}}

Look, as I foresee it, we’re really going to see or feel Mars retrograde today, specifically because he does so parallel to Saturn; that introduces a material or tangible effect, possibly via a withdrawal of energy that has physical consequences. But, and this is really important: today is a day for listening, reasoning, planning, or signing (as long as that signature isn’t the go-ahead for a physical project, rather than a purchase or agreement–which purchase or agreement could, with a little adjustment, be a dream come true as Venus moves toward quincunx with Neptune). Intel comes to us, and matters ignored or denied don’t get in our way–just keep your ears to the ground, and highest values in mind, when going about your business. Watch out, though, for a little something in the moment that seems harmless, even celebratory, but that could be very hard on the health (Mercury contra-parallel Mars and Saturn, opp Black Moon Lilith, qnx Vesta, Sun sq Hygeia).

Today’s word image is a question: What condition from the past is back in your life, and is your current response in any way mirroring old conditions? If so, you’ll need to consciously work to let them go, to remind yourself, until it takes, that things are different, now.

There’s a new page on Lilith (ECLIPSE Readers may recognize it from a 2014 issue, with slight alterations).